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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shack Attack and New Sequence - A Brief History

Our group was left reeling when we arrived at a broken set for our test shoot. Weeks of planning were immediately scrapped as a large tree had fallen down and crushed a significant portion of our location. The Shack was in tatters and so was our morale.

We were forced to return home and devise an entirely new idea for our sequence. After much hard work, we managed to create and storyboard an alternate sequence involving the basement of Wanda's house, still using roughly the same characters and plot but tweaking minor details according to the possibilities of our new location. The next Sunday, we went to Wanda's house for our second test shoot of the months, and luckily were met with no problems. Nine hours later we came away reasonably happy with our footage. However when we arrived at school on Monday and had a look at the shots, we discovered many plot faults and continuity problems we had not foreseen and so we set aside the next weekend another marathon shoot. During the week leading up to our Main Shoot we meticulously planned every detail in order to ensure nothing went wrong. We made a list of everything that hadn't worked or we were unhappy with in our sequence and devised a new shot list to hopefully compensate for the errors. After the shoot, we uploaded our new footage and were pleasantly surprised at the result. There were minimal errors (except for one shot where we forgot about leaving the kitchen door open which annoyed me greatly) and we were on course to turn in an impressive finished product. After being knocked off balance by the bad luck of both my leg operation and the fallen tree, Group 5 was finally back on its feet. After an unrelenting week of editing, we decided to schedule one more Backup Shoot to just fine-tune a few shots we felt were letting us down. We therefore leisurely made our way over to Wanda's at a reasonable 12 noon on a Sunday, and settled down for a 2 hour shoot. We came away confident about the shots, and our hopes were confirmed on Monday morning when we began to edit. The shots were perfect, and we were ready to put together our final piece.