Removal (main project)

Preliminary Exercise

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Initial Outline

Our media opening sequence is in the low-budget horror genre, using its resulting gritty realism as a tool in its appeal, eg. The Blair Witch Project.  

  • It takes place in a house in an urban area in London where a young woman has just moved in. She enters the house at the start of the sequence and puts the box she is carrying down on a table along with other boxes she has been moving throughout     the day. Her work finished, she proceeds to the kitchen to plug   in the kettle, put a mug on the table and sort out some items lying around including a plant. She picks up the plant and takes it outside. While she is walking outside, the murderer enters the kitchen, watching her out of the French windows. She puts down the plant at the end of the garden and begins to return. The murderer makes his way out of the kitchen as she approaches the French windows. She enters the room and immediately notices that a cup which was standing up has been knocked over. She dismisses it as nothing and makes her way back to the hall. However she hears the cellar door creak open and goes to investigate. She descends and sees the murderer’s table at the opposite end of the cellar. She gingerly approaches the table and turns over a photo, only to reel away in horror as the photo is of her as a young girl. She backs away and whirls around in terror as a black boot crashes down onto the first cellar step. Then the title ‘Removal’ comes on the screen and the title fades slowly to white.We used two actors, both from our group. 

  • Wanda Dunham played the female victim in the sequence and I, Joseph Lane, played the villain in the cellar. 

  • [2010_03220002.JPG]
  • We had four people in our group: Wanda and I alongside Jacob Vydelingum and Claire Buswell. We shared all filming and editing tasks between us and in every shot had a sound operator, camera operator, clapperboard operator and actor. We used Wanda’s house for our location and constructed our sequence from three separate shoots: a test shoot, main shoot and backup shoot.