Removal (main project)

Preliminary Exercise

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

6. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?


  •  Good quality microphone
  •  Camera was easy to use, and I was already proficient with it after the preliminary exercise
  •  Tripod was adjustable and included spirit level to aid user.
  •  All hardware was quite small and came in a carrying bag for easy transportation
  •  Pag lights were a fire risk
  •  Camera had settings we didn’t know how to use so we could have cut out some of the editing we did after if we knew how to use the effects before
  •  Expensive equipment which was a big responsibility

Adobe Premier Pro CS3
  • I learnt how to edit our film using this program and learned how to use many techniques such as fades, multi-tracking, capturing, general editing techniques, titles, manipulating audio etc.

  • Got to grips with the software quickly as I also used it for preliminary exercise.
  • Able to create decent titles on it without using the less convenient Apple Mac.
  • Capturing footage took a while
  • Not as user-friendly as Mac software.
  • Less choice of effects and titles than Mac.
Livetype on Mac

  • Huge library of various effects and fonts.
  • Effects were customisable.
  • Had to export our effects and use a USB pen to transfer them to our PC edit suite. This was an arduous process and the reason we decided not to use the effects in our sequence.
  • Complex program to get to grips with. We had also never used it before, so that wasted more precious time for our group.
Adobe Flash CS3

  • I learnt how to use Adobe Flash to a very basic level, as I animated the title at the start of our sequence.

  • Very easy method of animation - quick.
  • Easy to draw basic shapes and images
  • Hard to make animations look professional
  • I had never used the program before so I found it more difficult to become comfortable with than perhaps someone who had.


Camera Skills
  • Effective handheld technique
  • Tripod skill
  • Through-the-floor shot (Black Cat Productions) 
  • Zoom (into the photo of the girl) 
  • Experimentation with auto and manual focus
Lighting Techniques
  • Pag-lights and how to use candles and natural light to good effect.
Sound Techniques
  • Reducing treble on mic to eliminate hiss
  • Placement of mic to ensure sound clarity and quality etc.
  • Websites to obtain royalty-free music tracks, manipulating them to fit our sequence, eg.
  • Sound FX from different websites to insert into our sequence where appropriate, eg. door creak, thunder, breathing etc.

  • Storyboarding, scripting, shot listing, scheduling, planning ideas etc.

  • Learnt how to blog my progress.
  • Learnt how to import custom fonts from the internet.
  • How to deal with setbacks during the project and transplant an idea to an emergency backup location and re-devise shot lists and storyboards to fit (as a tree fell on our original location a day before our practice shoot).

What would i do again differently?
  • Pick a more secure location to start with.
  • Use the Apple Mac more for titles and sound FX.
  • Improve camerawork on through-the-floor shot. More smooth.
Advice to future filmmakers attempting the same kind of thing
  • Shoot sequence all the way through from different angles, not just different bits. Helps continuity and gives you more choice.
  • Make sure all little things like doors, shiny surfaces, lighting and items on set are monitored during the shoot. Continuity is easily ruined.
  • Plan for the worst - your shoot WILL go wrong. Make a backup location and idea and definitely allow for more time than you think you need.
  • Distribute work evenly between the team, project is so much easier if work is shared between four people.
  • Always sketch your ideas. Easiest way to convey your ideas to others is through pictures. They can’t read your mind. That’s the setback of group work. Visions can be misaligned. Watch out as this can become a big problem once shooting starts. Nip it in the bud.
Advantages/disadvantages of different technology
  • PC edit suite is easier and more convenient, yet Mac is more professional.
  • Sound FX are better from pay-sites, but they cost money.
  • Pag lights do not produce a natural effect, but candles are too dim and a health and safety risk.
  • Auto focus is easier to use, yet manual has more possibilities.