Removal (main project)

Preliminary Exercise

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

5. How did you attract/address your audience?

  • We attracted our audience with pleasures - experience fear, shock etc. Collective experience of pulling together in times of fear and discomfort (cinema experience)

  • Attracted them with representations of their demographic, eg. male, female, disabled etc.

  • The film has relevance to everybody who lives in a house/has a basement. therefore film is broad in its potential audience.


  • I constructed a marketing campaign to attract my target audience based on challenging the audience, daring them to watch the film, appealing to their thrill-seeking side and immediately establishing the film as a test in their mind. Therefore the film becomes a national test of courage - “Can you watch Removal and then go down to your basement afterwards?” etc.
  • Audience reaction would fuel everything. Cinema experience would work the audience into a frenzy and it would self-perpetuate that way. Word of mouth would be the way to go. People challenging each other.

  • Also, after the success of Paranormal Activity, people would be eager for a new challenge in that genre with similar themes. Also after the success of Heath Ledger’s performance in The Dark Knight, the murderer character’s similarities to the Joker may attract an audience. 

  • Our sequence satisfies the audience (tension breaks, girl is killed) yet leaves them wanting more, as enigmas are left unsolved, eg. who is the killer? why did he kill her? etc. All this draws the viewer in.
  • We build tension to draw audience in, eg. spooky music, cup falling over, door creaking open, killer watching girl from her safe zone (the kitchen). Invading her space. Then resolve the tension. Shock of foot crashing onto step and fast cuts.

  • We focussed hard on seamless continuity in order to suspend the disbelief of the audience. Our piece relies on the audience being drawn into the experience as realistic, therefore there has to be nothing to give away the fact that the film is constructed as a piece of media and interrupt the audience’s relationship with the narrative. I feel we managed that incredibly well given the ambition of our project,, and therefore it is annoying that there is one small continuity error between 1.20 - 1.45 in our sequence. See if you can spot it.

Well if you didn't spot it, you'll notice that she opens the door to go out into the garden and the door stays open. It remains fine like this until 1.38 where she returns and the door is quite clearly closed. She even has to open it to enter the house again. This is not a major problem and does not really disrupt the narrative or the audience's disbelief. The villain could have even opened it himself. However it is an annoying minor flaw for the filmmakers responsible as the rest of the piece seems to have perfect continuity.