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Preliminary Exercise

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

4. Who would be the audience for the media product?

  • Our core target audience are couples. Couples can be scared together. Fear as a pleasure to share. Hug each other when its scary etc. Preferably who live together in a house, as they would discuss the movie when at home and it would have a powerful effect on them.

  • Young adults. Unsuitable for very young children. Dangerous for very old people with heart conditions etc. Middle aged people probably less into thrill-seeking. Also young people are more comfortable with the internet and technology and therefore would be more receptive to our heavily online-based marketing campaign

  • Both. Both sexes are represented in the film, and so everyone can relate to the sequence in some way.

  • No fixed nationality. No dialogue, so the sequence is universal. House has no specific features that link it to any particular nation. Titles are in English but they can be ignored.
Lifestyle/attitude to life

  • Thrill-seekers who like to challenge themselves with film. Willing to enjoy the pleasures of the film and get sucked into the narrative. Go along with it. Participate in the experience.
Tastes in media

  • Low-budget horror films, Thrillers, murder mysteries etc. For example 'The Blair Witch Project' & 'Paranormal Activity'
Film consumption habits

  • Like to go to the cinema as a treat, a special experience. Preferably not too often or the novelty would wear off and the film would become less powerful. Preferably attend cinema with their partner. Enjoy watching DVDs some evenings.
Knowledge of the film industry

  • Preferably not much idea of the workings of the film industry, as our product is not very impressive technically as a professional media production. However, the narrative is strong and that is what we want people to appreciate. Also preferably not very experienced in films of this genre, so maximum shock factor.
I believe that like Paranormal Activity, this film could break out of the horror niche and appeal to the general public as a challenging experience. On a (at least) transatlantic scale.

Here is a mood-board showing a general profile of our core audience:
We scheduled a screening of our finished product to an audience similar to our target. Most of the attendants were from 15 - 19 years old. Here is a video of their general reaction: