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Preliminary Exercise

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Captured our footage from the shoot on sunday and I'm a bit disappointed. We shot for around 9 hours and I was very happy with the footage when we left Wanda's and convinced we wouldn't need a backup shoot. With hindsight I can see how naive that statement was. The shots have revealed major plot flaws and continuity errors and a good re-shoot is vital. Perhaps it is because I have never done media before that I am so shocked by this failure, as my group assure me it is nothing to worry about. Next saturday we'll have to get it right. We are completely re-storyboarding to get rid of weak plot elements, eg. mutilated baby in the cupboard. It does not make sense in the narrative and it would have been physically impossible for the killer to stab it without being seen. It's ridiculous. Anyway, we will work hard this week to tie up any loose ends. Here's hoping for more luck next week.