Removal (main project)

Preliminary Exercise

Sunday, March 28, 2010

3. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

  • Our production company is Black Cat productions, a small indie company specialising in low-budget horror films. British company, gritty. Our film would take on a similar line to 'Paranormal Activity' (Peli, 2009), thriving on its realism and grit. Low-budget, handheld, cheap lighting. Therefore comparisons can be drawn with Blumhouse Productions (the production company responsible for 'Paranormal Activity'.

  • Distributor is Fallen Tree Studios, a major international company who are able to bring small, independent film to an international audience. Although a big company, they are able to understand the requirements of the low-budget horror genre in terms of marketing and lend their fame and notoriety to ‘Removal’, with successful results.

  • Therefore we can draw comparisons to Icon in terms of distribution, as they were responsible for distributing Paranormal Activity in the UK. We are trying to reach the same market as Paranormal Activity - people who want to experience horrific situation that is as close to reality as it can be. Thrill-seekers.

  • Film exhibited in cinemas for the experience - reactions, collective public experience (all going through it together), 

  • proper sound and lights, immersing, believable, realistic experience. They are in the world. 
  • However, home release could be good too as the film is based in a house. Very effective - people would become more scared as they are in the place where the murder happened. They would be scared to go down to the basement.
  • Blu-Ray maybe, as the experience would be more realistic and that would make it more terrifying.

  • Again, our film follows Paranormal Activity in this way - also set in a house, so the distribution plan of PA would be even more suited to our sequence.
  • We would place a lot of emphasis on a viral campaign; utilising cross-media convergence and synergy, eg. Facebook, Youtube, mailing lists, forums, fan site and individual website for the film.

  • Promote word of mouth, very challenge-based campaign, eg. ‘you will be disturbed by this film’. 'The Blair Witch Project' (Myrick/Sanchez, 1999) set the precedent for this type of campaign and encouraged the audience to see the film as a true documentary, which is what we would do using the style of the sequence and our marketing campaign. 
  • Very based on ‘Paranormal Activity’ in terms of promoting the ‘cinema experience’ eg. ‘experience it now’.

  • Cinema release in winter or late autumn, when people are at home a lot of the time and therefore more affected by the sequence. It also gets dark earlier, worse weather, more depressing time – more people visit the cinema for escape and also because they don’t want to go outdoors. Perhaps release on Friday 13th if possible or Halloween for the added bonus of superstition.