Removal (main project)

Preliminary Exercise

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?

  • Main focus is representation of victim/villain. Using mise-en-scene, action code and mainly costume, however some representation of social groups can also be found in our piece.
Young Indie
  • This is an indie production, shown by the style in which the girl is shown; her clothes demonstrate this to the audience. Our sequence represents the white indie teenage girl, most likely from Britain, although this is not specified so her character is universal.

  • Also, the production and distribution companies (Black Cat Productions and Fallen Tree Studios) sound like British independent companies, something that reflects the film itself and the social groups portrayed. Interestingly, the majority of our audience feedback tells us that those who've seen it think the film would be suited to a multiplex cinema (such as a Cineworld); this is surprising as our film was hypothetically intended to be shown at an independent cinema such as the Rio Cinema. In our survey, 21 people said multiplex, with only 9 saying independent.

Disabled Community
  • One standout aspect of our piece is our representation of the disabled community. We did this by placing the villain on crutches. Also from his point of view shots the camera moves as if crutches are being used. (1.22 - 1.43 is the sequence referred to)


  • Gender is represented with the conflict being between a male and a female. We showed this using gender signifiers such as long hair, rings for girl, and blazer, tie for a male.

  • Challenged conventional male by giving villain long hair to emphasise his unkemptness.
State of mind
  • Male dominance - he kills her. He watches her while she can’t see him. He cuts off her escape. He’s above her on the stairs. He is stronger and in control.
  • Psychosis – people who suffer from mental illness are represented. Man is clearly disturbed (murders people, lives in somebody else’s basement etc.) This social group is often represented in the horror genre, eg. 'Psycho' (Hitchcock, 1960)