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Preliminary Exercise

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Captured our footage from the shoot on sunday and I'm a bit disappointed. We shot for around 9 hours and I was very happy with the footage when we left Wanda's and convinced we wouldn't need a backup shoot. With hindsight I can see how naive that statement was. The shots have revealed major plot flaws and continuity errors and a good re-shoot is vital. Perhaps it is because I have never done media before that I am so shocked by this failure, as my group assure me it is nothing to worry about. Next saturday we'll have to get it right. We are completely re-storyboarding to get rid of weak plot elements, eg. mutilated baby in the cupboard. It does not make sense in the narrative and it would have been physically impossible for the killer to stab it without being seen. It's ridiculous. Anyway, we will work hard this week to tie up any loose ends. Here's hoping for more luck next week.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


My leg operation went well, although my entire left leg is now in a big brace and can't be bent for 6 weeks. However we may factor my disability into the plot and it will be fine. BUT!!! A terrible event has happened during my absence which really messes up our plans: a massive tree has fallen on our location, crushing it almost entirely and rendering it unusable. We are in the process of trying to transplant our idea to a different location and we have decided to use Wanda's house. This is a big setback, but we have almost finished storyboarding an alternate sequence with a few minor differences to the shack. We are thinking of using the theme of moving house to explain the woman's presence in the house. The villain will be in the basement and attack her when she comes down to investigate. We hope this will work and our test shoot is in a week.
Here is a video showing the extent of the destruction:

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


This blog may be a little quiet for a while as tomorrow I will have major surgery on my knee for a condition I have had for a good few years now. This will be my 6th operation to date and hopefully it will go well. However it will render me inactive for a period of up to 2 weeks and unable to come into school or participate in group discussions. I have talked it over with the group and they are trying to organize a trip to my house to hold a group meeting there while I'm off school. I am determined not to let the group down however and despite this setback I will keep in touch with my fellow group members through email and phone in order to keep up to date with proceedings. So long as the operation goes to plan I should be able to still act in the sequence.