Removal (main project)

Preliminary Exercise

Friday, January 1, 2010

Initial Ideas

1. Film Noir

Film Noirs tend to use low-key lighting schemes producing stark light/dark contrasts and dramatic shadow patterning. This may suit our brief, as we will not be able to do anything involving expensive or high-key lighting like in Hollywood movies. However this style of film is very artistic and difficult to do well, and may not be the best choice for inexperienced filmmakers like us. My sequence would begin in typical Noir style with a man looking towards the camera from behind the wheel of a car, while a voice-over describes the series of unfortunate events that has brought the character into the predicament he faces now. There will be the introduction of a Femme Fatale-style character during the sequence to further strengthen the theme.

2. Idea involving Claire's location

I had an idea involving the windows of the hut Claire found. My idea is similar to the opening sequence of Se7en, in that I would make the hut the home of an obsessive serial killer. There would be no other characters, but the camera should act as if intruding on this maniac's property, and make the watcher feel tense. There should be a shot showing the shadow of the killer moving past the window, and then the camera should be inside the house, watching the killer doing things such as meticulously labeling bottles or pinning photos to walls or syringing various things etc. The camera should be behind him,  never revealing his face until possibly the end of the sequence as a climax. I believe this is a good use of Claire's location.