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Preliminary Exercise

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Continutiy Research

This sequence from Shrek displays some essential techniques used in filming.

For example, the 180 degree rule is obeyed throughout the sequence, with Shrek always being on the left and donkey on the right. (Apart from when Shrek walks away from Donkey, but that is ok because he crosses over during the shot.)

The use of Shot-Reverse-Shot is very common in this sequence during dialogue, and is used throughout to show both character's emotions while they are speaking and to get the viewer involved in the conversation. The SRS method of filming the dialogue is punctuated by Wide-Shots to show the characters' relationships to one another and show their surroundings. It also makes the sequence more interesting to have varied shot types as opposed to over-using one specific shot type to create a boring scene.

There is also use of Over-The Shoulder to show Shrek walking away from Donkey.

This film uses varied filming techniques such as SRS, cutaways and a main, scene-setting master-shot to liven up the conversation between Shrek and Donkey in the forest.